Support / FAQs

General Questions

How often are updates posted?

We post two FULL updates every week on Thursday and Sunday night. Updates include include photos and video. Subscribe to our RSS feed for notification when updates are available.

What are 'FULL' updates?

Many sites claim to have daily updates but are simply spreading pieces of one or two updates through the week. We see no need for games, so updates are posted in their entirety for your downloading pleasure!

I'd like to see the girls wear some special gear, do you take requests?

We certainly do, the more suggestions and feedback the better! If you help supply the gear we'll even give you an extended membership as thanks! Win-win!

Do you have a wishlist?

Arn't you nice? We can never have enough gear to play with our girls with! We have wishlists on Amazon and Stockroom.

Do you sell individual videos?

Yes we do! Visit our Clips4Sale Store or eClips Store which contains every video available from this site plus a few special edited clips. You can also click the 'Buy this Clip' button under each update to go directly to the clip on Clips4Sale.

Do you make custom videos?

Yes we are happy to create a custom video for you. We can offer very reasonable rates as low as $100 and put you in the drivers seat. Please send us a message for details.

I've bought some of your clips, can I get a credit towards membership?

Yes, simply email us the date, clip name and transaction details from the email you received from Clips4Sale. We will add additional time to your active membership based on the amount spent on clips.

An update says another part is coming soon, how soon?

Occasionally we post long videos over two updates. The second video will be posted after 3 weeks and will show up at the top of the updates page again.

I don't have any money; any other way to get a membership?

Yes! If you have skills with Photoshop, social media, or even helping find pirated content we offer memberships to helpers. Send us an email for details.


My login no longer works or has been locked out

Occasionally accounts can be compromised by hackers or password sharing sites. When we see significant suspicious activity on an account is is automatically disabled. In most cases it is a simple matter of changing your password. Please contact us for assistance resetting it.

Downloaded videos won't play

We recommend using VLC player as it is compatible with most video formats and works on all platforms.

How do I cancel a membership?

Why would you want to do a silly thing like that? Well, sorry to see you go! You can cancel here: