About Us

Bondage Junkies was launched in 2011 in order to offer a wide range of unique, consensual bondage scenes for our members to enjoy, and perhaps try out for themselves. The goal of the site has always been to take the scary aspects out of bondage and instead to show the fun, sexy and inventive side of it. By pursuing this goal, we hope to encourage the growing acceptance of bondage and all things kinked in an artistic, responsible and enjoyable way.

We pride ourselves on the huge range of different positions, predicaments, situations, and restraints which feature in our shoots, ranging from the super-rigorous to the playful. Bondage Junkies will never be a site that features the same scene over and over again with different models. Instead, we will always try something new. After all, "Variety is the spice of life."

Our models (many of whom are exclusive to Bondage Junkies) are at the heart of what we do, and can often be seen with beaming smiles and/or expressions of intense concentration as they plot their escapes, or simply enjoy their predicaments, while looking gorgeous too. They often bring their own ideas and suggestions to the shoots, so the resulting scenes are collaborative. Perhaps most importantly, we are fortunate to feature a great blend of more experienced models alongside curious first-timers, who often go on to recommend us to their friends. We have shot with a lot of exclusive models and also filmed numerous first experiences with bondage and restraint - always a momentous occasion!

We welcome feedback and suggestions and have received countless feedback messages from fans and members, both praising the shoots we make, and telling us that we inspired them and their significant others to try out scenes we've created. This, above all, is why Bondage Junkies exists, and we hope to bring you more entertaining and innovative content for many years to come.