What does a membership give you?

Over 208 hours of HD video, 50340+ high resolution images, and 833 original updates! On top of that one weekly update which is published every Friday. I love bondage and strive to bring you incredibly unique predicaments, models, and concepts every week.

How do I become a member?

Signup is easy and we offer several membership options to suit your needs:

  • $19.95 for one month. (0.00056 BTC)

  • $49.95 for three months. (0.00141 BTC)

  • $89.95 for six months. (0.00253 BTC)

All renewal rates are only $15.95 after the first month!

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Do you offer other payment methods?

Yes, we accept and payments as well! For payments send payment to john@bondagejunkies.com based on the pricelist above.

For payments, please contact us at contact@bondagejunkies.com that you have sent payment. The prices above are current market rates. Our wallet address is: 39a8ZPvspdNZhHfjpmNDTrrzyoLJFyogzo

Once received we will email you a username and password within 24 hours (typically within 4 hours).