What does a membership give you?

Over 248 hours of HD video, 57320+ high resolution images, and 988 original updates! On top of that one weekly update which is published every Friday. I love bondage and strive to bring you incredibly unique predicaments, models, and concepts every week.

How do I become a member?

Signup is easy and we offer several membership options to suit your needs:

  • $22.95 for 30 days, $17.95 renewal

  • $49.95 for 90 days, $14.95 renewal (15% savings)

  • $89.95 for 180 days, $14.95 renewal (20% savings)

Renewal rates are only available for automatic renewal memberships. Renewals are charged every 30 days after the initial period has elapsed.

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Do you offer other payment methods?

Yes, we do! We accept as well as as payment options. Follow the instructions below to find out how.

For send payment to john@bondagejunkies.com based on the pricelist above. Login details will be emailed to you within 24 hours to the email listed on your PayPal account. Check your spam folder if you have not received an email within 24 hours.

For payments, use the chart below to see the current market rates. Once the payment has been make you will need to email us (contact@bondagejunkies.com) so we can respond with credentials. Our wallet address is: 3Ji4Tar9iDEzyrudzsSiN51NGZNDfHyEE4

30 Days $22.95 0.00035
90 Days $49.95 0.00076
180 Days $89.95 0.00138

When will I receive my login credentials?

If you signed up with a credit card, your login will be instantly activated. Other payment methods are manually processed and can take up to 24 hours. Typically, logins are sent within a few hours.